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bug#8213: Emacs 23.3.rc2: "Mouse 1: Select (drag to resize)" doesn't dra

From: Bob Floyd
Subject: bug#8213: Emacs 23.3.rc2: "Mouse 1: Select (drag to resize)" doesn't drag when in I-search mode
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 13:01:52 -0800



  Attempting to change the size of a window by "Mouse 1: Select (drag to resize)" is ignored when in I-search mode.


Reproduce: Windows 7, Emacs 23.3.rc2


  1. Open Emacs 23.3.rc2

  2. Split the window by C-X 2

  3. Position the cursor in the upper window on the 'L' of "Learn basic keystroke commands"

  4. C-s C-w (isearch-forward) to enter I-search mode with "Learn" being selected text to search

  5. Place the mouse in the divider - to the right of " ... 1% L5 (Fundamental Isearch)-----" notice the pop-up displaying "Mouse 1: Select (drag to resize)"

  6. Press the Left-mouse and drag upward.

  7. Notice nothing happened to the window size.


The left-mouse should drag the divider to resize the windows. The drag is honored in other modes, e.g. C-x i : insert-file

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