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bug#8213: bug#8212: Emacs 23.3.rc2: Frame height setting lost when entir

From: Bob Floyd
Subject: bug#8213: bug#8212: Emacs 23.3.rc2: Frame height setting lost when entire frame dragged around on screen
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 14:33:13 -0800

Thanks for your interesting comments.


I've been playing with Visual Studio 2010 with the Aero Snap feature turned on.  VS allows me to dock windows horizontally, e.g. "Start Page", below that "Class View", below that more docked windows. I can adjust the splitter between the docked windows to create unique heights for each.


The effect is similar to splitting windows with C-x 2 in Emacs, and adjusting the divider to make unique window heights.


It appears VS uses proportionality to position it's sub-windows.  The VS frame can be height extended, restored back to its original size over and over and each time the window positions are consistent.  Emacs doesn't use proportionality to position the window sizes so the window positions are inconsistent as "snap" height extends then restores. Hence my frustration with the snap feature and Emacs.


For editing text, I actually prefer the Emacs method, and reading your comments regarding minimizing differences between Emacs and windows I agree with you and will take the issue up with the MS folks.


Thanks for you help.

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