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bug#8212: Emacs 23.3.rc2: Frame height setting lost when entire frame dr

From: Bob Floyd
Subject: bug#8212: Emacs 23.3.rc2: Frame height setting lost when entire frame dragged around on screen
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 12:43:07 -0800



  Emacs frame height setting is lost - it's actually restored to the height on startup - when the entire frame is dragged up-then-down.


Reproduce: On Windows 7, Emacs 23.3.rc2


  1. Start emacs, the visible frame is about 40 lines high, positioned somewhere away from the desktop edges.

  2. Drag the bottom of the frame window by pressing the left-mouse button and dragging the lower frame edge downwards on the screen toward the

      Windows 7 task bar. When the Emacs edge reaches the task bar notice a small flash is visible, indicating the maximum extent. Before releasing the

      left mouse also notice Emacs displays an outline of the upper frame edge that extends to the upper extent of the desktop.  (Aero effect??)

  3. Release the left-mouse and observe the height of the Emacs frame is tallest, extending from the top of the screen to the task bar.

  4. Left-mouse press on the title bar, move the frame up (it doesn't actually move it because it's already at the top) then drag the frame down all in one


  5. Notice the frame height jumps to it's original height as the height setting is lost and the frame height returns to the original starting height in step 1.


The frame height should not be lost when attempting to move the entire frame.


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