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Re: [Bug-gne]various random thoughts

From: Rob Scott
Subject: Re: [Bug-gne]various random thoughts
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 23:40:22 +0100

It depends somewhat on what Toby does eith eadie when
he goes through the room. I really want the web server
we set up tho - u need to talk to astrium about the
machines. They could be SO useful for development.
Doing it all using scp and putty from my machine
downstairs just isn't practical at all, certainly not
for complex stuff.

im setting up my machines as a sort of lab for development right

A bit like the slashcode perl modules you mean? That
could be quite useful.

thats actually the example i was going to use

This api could also come in useful when creating other
ways of accessing GNE, like an app that you run under
X or Windows etc. which connects to GNE, cutting out
the web browser. Or for the CD idea... etc.

again yes.
although ive never liked the idea of creating a c library.
its very difficult.   but i could do it.
anyone know how to do php libraries?

i think that mainly the images would be the bandwidth thing, so the high end sites (ie the ones that do a full implementation of gne)
could start to do image mirroring of some sort.
image mirroring would be quite easy, because i could just write a simple app that when requested by the client would tarball all the images added in the last n hours and send them over er.. i dunno.. http?

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