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Re: [Bug-gne]various random thoughts

From: Rob Scott
Subject: Re: [Bug-gne]various random thoughts
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 21:37:31 +0100

actually on the subject, ive been thinking about mirroring.
according to toby (for those of u who dont know who he is,
hes a mac using friend of ours), we probably wont need mirrors,
and im inclined to agree with him.
ie- the online britannica page can cope without mirrors,
and it actually has users :)

i dont know what the state of the p90s are at the moment...
i keep expecting eadie to do a raid and discover all the embeselled (how do u spell that?) equipment :)

i was thinking about a sort of net api interface for gne.
a server, written in c and perl would run on our master servers,
and we would make available an api for perl or other languages
which would be written in a c/perl hybrid (:-)).

the api would have specific functions, such as a find articles on gne
function, and it would return in this instance a list of aid#'s. as standard integers
allowing the perl client to use the data how it wanted.
other functions would basically be able to do:
get title of aid# x
get synopsis of aid# x
body etc...
images in it etc....

this would be very flexible, it would allow ppl on the internet
to do anything from rewriting an entire shell to gne in their
own stylee, or maybe just a search engine putting a little
'search for gne articles' on their page, being able to diisplay the results int he site's own
little look+feel.

excuse the strange thinking, but in our country it is WAY too hot today, and its hard to think straight.

as in its too hot for us, well, me, but im sure you lot would laugh if we told u what the temp was.

At 17:01 26/06/2001 +0100, you wrote:
> speaking of images, actually, we need to get them
> working.
> I know its not possible to get them fully working
> without the server setup,
> but, tom, you could use the various sourceforge
> servers to almost simulate
> this.
> could you?
> i dunno.

well we have an anonymous ftp space we can use, so I
suppose we could work out a simple system by uploading
images there and omitting the html+cgi upload form for
now, assuming it would put images to the same
directory as ftp? actually i was thinking rob if u
have any of those old P90s spare u could lend me it
and then I can have a fiddle with sockets and these
sorts of things in my room... want to come over and
set it up some time?

> the problem with replication is that it requires a
> constant connection.
> as soon as a change is made, it is cascaded down.
> the advantage to rewriting this (or more accurately:
> redirecting this)
> ourselves is that it could be a proper client server
> thing.

sounds like a good project for you ;-)

> i am still in favour of only being able to add
> articles to the master server.

ditto. certainly until we have a simple mirror system
set up. maybe u could talk to Paul
Visscher (address@hidden) about mirroring... cuz gnu
mirror all their www.gnu.org site, but they dont
mirror SQL databases... hence we will have to have a
gnu.org subdomain and so we wont get mirrored.

I'm also still wondering about having the body of
articles in the db cuz of db load. atm even on a
fairly fast server it will take a while to fetch the
whole article body when viewing it. as it is doing
this, the rest of the db will be either out of action
or slow, depending on how secure we want to make data
transfers. So for the moment it will be fine but if
any one server starts to get at all busy, it could
cause problems. The alternative is to just plonk the
body of each article as a text file in a folder and
then use the db as an index, but then that's just not
as fun :/

"True security is to be found in social solidarity rather than in isolated individual effort - Fyodor Dostoyevsky"

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