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Re: [Bug-gne]various random thoughts

From: Tom Chance
Subject: Re: [Bug-gne]various random thoughts
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 10:22:15 +0100 (BST)

> yeess.
> im setting up my machines as a sort of lab for
> development right
> now.

Any chance of my getting one crappy machine tho? If I
could set one up as a web server in my room then I
could work on the image stuff (ftp/upload to a
directory, see that directory when u log in, select
images, embed them in the article, hey presto!)
properly :/

I was thinking about this api last night (grr it took
my 4 hours to get to sleep!) and the thing is we'd
need to work out all the standard operations we use in
GNE, and what their associated input and returns
should be. Bob, come roon here you lazy git and we can
draw up a preliminary list... much easier than through

> i think that mainly the images would be the
> bandwidth thing, so the high 
> end sites (ie the ones that do a full implementation
> of gne)
> could start to do image mirroring of some sort.
> image mirroring would be quite easy, because i could
> just write a simple 
> app that when requested by the client would
> tarball all the images added in the last n hours and
> send them over er.. i 
> dunno.. http?

Or just open up a socket-socket connection and send it
straight over there - the http ports may be a little
busy :/

So going on Paul's idea of master & slave DB servers,
every 12 hours the master replicates the db, the image
server tarballs the images, and they are then
transferred over a secure connection to any mirrors.
When they get there, the app that requested them
gunzips and un-tars the images and sticks them onto
the image server, and overwrites (?) the db server(s)
with the new db.

Whenever somebody submits an article, we can just say
"Your article may take anywhere up to 12 hours to
appear on local mirrors".

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