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Re: [Bug-gama] questions about Gnu-Gama

From: Ales Cepek
Subject: Re: [Bug-gama] questions about Gnu-Gama
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2012 15:44:45 +0200

> Under Linux the program creates the output file until the "outlying observations" block
> but it never stops. Under windows the program stops with the message "Computation of
bearing for identical points" with the constrained solution. With fixed points it stops
> without any message. In both cases we get huge outliers. The same input files have been
> used under windows and linux.

This is surely a bug, thanks for the report.

> I have also a question about network orientation. Under linux I get the message
> "Inconsistent coordinates and angles: changing internally sign of all Y coordinates".
> What should I put in the header for a frame with x-direction pointing to the east and
> y-direction pointing to the north ?

This was a bug which I hope is fixed with 1.12 release.

Your EN coordinates (x-east, y-north) is a left oriented system which is consistent with left oriented angles (directions observed in clockwise manner).


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