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[Bug-gama] questions about Gnu-Gama

From: jacques.beilin
Subject: [Bug-gama] questions about Gnu-Gama
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2012 17:21:09 +0200
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Dear Mr Cepek,

I teach geodesy at ENSG, the IGN (french mapping agency) engineer school.

I try to use Gnu-Gama to process topometric observation made by my students. We work at the moment on a dam. We have already processed our data with an IGN-made least-square software. I wrote a conversion program to tanslate the data from our format to gnu-gama format.

We noticed some strange behaviours with gnu-gama. May be we do not use it correctly.

I made some tests with Gnu Gama 1.12 under linux and 1.11 under windows.

I made 2 test with 3 points fixed or 3 point constrained at 1mm.

Under Linux the program creates the output file until the "outlying observations" block but it never stops. Under windows the program stops with the message "Computation of bearing for identical points" with the constrained solution. With fixed points it stops without any message. In both cases we get huge outliers. The same input files have been used under windows and linux.

I have also a question about network orientation. Under linux I get the message "Inconsistent coordinates and angles: changing internally sign of all Y coordinates". What should I put in the header for a frame with x-direction pointing to the east and y-direction pointing to the north ?

You will find enclosed our data :
- STATIONS_constrained.xml : input file with 3 points constrained
- STATIONS_fixed.xml : input file with 3 points fixed
- laye_constrained.txt : output file for STATIONS_constrained.xml with Gnu-Gama 1.12 under linux - laye_fixed.txt : output file for STATIONS_fixed.xml with Gnu-Gama 1.12 under linux - laye_constrained_winxp.txt : output file for STATIONS_constrained.xml with Gnu-Gama 1.11 under windows - laye_fixed_winxp.txt : output file for STATIONS_fixed.xml with Gnu-Gama 1.11 under windows

Best regards,

Jacques Beilin

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