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[Bug-freedink] Re: DFarc "make install" problem/question/finnish transla

From: Petteri Tolonen
Subject: [Bug-freedink] Re: DFarc "make install" problem/question/finnish translation.
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 23:53:52 -0700
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Sylvain Beucler wrote:

I see the problem, but I don't understand how this could happen!

The build fails at share/Makefile.am:
        $(XDG_ICON_RESOURCE) install --context mimetypes --size 32      \
                $(srcdir)/pixmaps/dfarc.png $(mimetype)
But apparently your $(XDG_ICON_RESOURCE) is empty, and so the build
tries to run 'install', the first argument :)

However, the presence of XDG_ICON_RESOURCE is checked in configure.ac,
and if it's missing, 'HAVE_XDG' is not defined, and the build installs
the icon differently.

So, to fix your problem for a source package, you probably just need
to depend on "xdg-utils". But I still wonder how you get this error %)

Note: if this is not a source package, but a binary package, then
things get complicated because the .desktop file need to be installed
and registered in a post-install script.  I don't know if this is the
case here.

This is a source package. I installed xdg-utils and now I get:
/usr/bin/xdg-icon-resource install --context mimetypes --size 32    \
       ./pixmaps/dfarc.png application-x-dmod
xdg-icon-resource: No writable system icon directory found.
I tried: export XDG_ICON_RESOURCE=$HOME/.icons and install went trough fine even though that directory doesn't even exist. Should I just put something to XDG_ICON_RESOURCE to make it work? That doesn't sound good.

The default location for source installs in 'autoconf' is /usr/local,
so I just reproduced that behavior.  But for packages, you can specify

        make install PREFIX=/usr

For binary packages I also supported DESTDIR to install in a temporary
directory instead of '/'.

Thanks for the info. I'm such a noob with autoconf and make :)

PS: do you mind if I bounce this message to address@hidden This
is a public mailing list and this might help other people :)

If you believe this could be of any help to someone then go ahead.

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