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Re: Commit problem

From: Nick
Subject: Re: Commit problem
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 21:26:27 GMT
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Here's more info regarding this problem.

1.  As with 'cvs diff', 'cvs update -d' properly determines all files that
have changed locally.

2.  If I manually command a commit of the files that changed, only the
top-most files that changed (w/ respect to dir tree) get picked up.

For example, using this simple tree (again omitting the 'CVS' directories):
|-- a.txt
`-- b
    |-- b.txt
    `-- c
        `-- c.txt

where I modified all TXT files.  My pwd is a/

If I try 'cvs commit a.txt b/b.txt b/c/c.txt' only a.txt is reported in the
Change Log editor (b.txt and c.txt are ignored).
If I try 'cvs commit b/' only b.txt is acknowledged (c.txt is ignored).


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