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Re: Commit problem

From: Paul Edwards
Subject: Re: Commit problem
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 12:26:30 GMT

"Nick" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
> I've been using CVS for ~8 months at home and at work w/out problems (of
> this nature).  I haven't used it at home for ~2 months and now it exhibits
> this problem.  During that time, I've upgraded CVS, coreutils, and some
> others.

Ah, the joy.  :-)

> CVS still works properly at work, where none of the aforementioned
> upgrades were applied.
> So I'm confident that it's something specific to my home PC.  The test
> script for this problem is to simply create a multi-level dir tree for the
> repository, change a file in each directory, and attempt to commit all
> from the top via 'cvs commit'.  That's as simple as it gets.  My CVS no
> longer detects all files that changed upon commit (though it does for
> 'diff' or 'update').

You can create a test script that does just the above.  Use
a minimal number of directories (ie 2 if possible), and
use simple directory names, like one and two, and simple
filenames, like xxx.txt and yyy.txt.

You can "modify" the files using "echo hello >xxx.txt" and
"echo there >xxx.txt" etc.

And as I mentioned, use cvs commit -m "zzz" so that it
does not operate interactively.

> As mentioned in another post, I tried reverting to a 'fundamental' setup
> to no avail.  I tried a separate, clean CVS, a new user, restored the
> previous fileutils, all w/ no success.
> I've been stepping through CVS w/ a debugger for several hours in search
> of a clue.  Unfortunately, I'm still learning CVS' internal workings.
> One thing I noticed is the latest version of coreutils reports the date
> stamp of a file differently than the one shipped w/ Red Hat 7.2.  Instead
> of:
>     MMM DD [YYYY]|[TIME]
> it's now
>     YYYY MMM DD Time
> I wonder if CVS uses or depends on this for anything.

No idea about that, could well do.

BTW, I have provided an example script which demonstrates
my bug, which you can use as a model.  I run my stuff at the
DOS prompt.

BFN.  Paul.

rm -fr o:\cvstesttest
mkdir o:\cvstesttest
mkdir o:\cvstesttest\CVSROOT
set CVSROOT=o:\cvstesttest

rm -fr o:\cvstesttest\tempmerge

rm -fr combine
rm -fr base
rm -fr pvcs
rm -fr project

mkdir combine
mkdir base
mkdir pvcs
mkdir project

echo "aaa" >base\file.txt
echo "bbb" >pvcs\file.txt
echo "ccc" >project\xxx.txt

cd base
cvs import -b 1.1.101 -ko -m "base import" tempmerge base base-1

cd ..\pvcs
cvs import -b 1.1.201 -ko -m "pvcs import" tempmerge pvcs pvcs-1

cd ..\project
cvs import -b 1.1.301 -ko -m "project import" tempmerge project project-1

cd ..
cvs checkout -r pvcs-1 -j base-1 -j project-1 -d combine tempmerge

rm -fr o:\cvstesttest

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