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bug#22696: ls output changes considered unacceptable

From: Ruediger Meier
Subject: bug#22696: ls output changes considered unacceptable
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 00:21:22 +0100
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On Tuesday 16 February 2016, Assaf Gordon wrote:
> Hello all,
> Regarding the recent change of default-quoting style,
> what do you think about the attached patch,
> enabling to set the default style during './configure' ?
> advanced users who prefer the previous behavior (but don't want to
> use a new alias or add QUOTING_STYLE envvar) can build their own
> version with the old style quoting.
> (this patch is a proof-of-concept, not well tested or
> syntax-checked).
> Comments welcomed,
>    assaf

As already said in practice it is already configurable by different kind 
of distro-specific techniques or shell aliases. For example openSUSE 
has envvar LS_OPTIONS. Maybe we could support such LS_OPTIONS variable 

For example I'm always using "--time-style=long-iso" and I guess many 
people would like to use different flavours.


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