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bug#5914: feature request and non-bug patches submit policy

From: jeff.liu
Subject: bug#5914: feature request and non-bug patches submit policy
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 16:57:48 +0800
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Jim Meyering wrote:
> Sunil Mushran wrote:
> ...
>>>> While I'm writing, here's one high-level question for you.
>>>> When would your new --fiemap-sync option be useful, and what change
>>>> in semantics will I see between when I use it and when I don't?
>>>>          --fiemap-sync            sync file data before fiemap\n\
>>> IMHO, there is no difference from the user's point of view with or without 
>>> this option.
>>> and on the kernel side, if FIEMAP_FLAG_SYNC was specified, it just do the 
>>> dirty page process
>>> regardless of the sync succeeds or failed due to ENOSPC or EIO or other 
>>> errors.
>>> I need to do more investigation to answer this question.
>> I would recommend using fiemap purely as a means to get the extent map to
>> skip reading the holes when copying. That's it. And it should be used when
>> available. No user options.
> I agree.  Using fiemap is an optimization.
> Enable it if possible, otherwise, work as usual.
> No need for any change in the command-line interface.
> Jeff, please eliminate both --fiemap and --fiemap-sync
> in your next iteration.
> If someone makes a good case for exposing a fiemap-related
> option, we can always add it later.
ok, the changes will be reflected in my next try.

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