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bug#5914: feature request and non-bug patches submit policy

From: jeff.liu
Subject: bug#5914: feature request and non-bug patches submit policy
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2010 17:28:25 +0800
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Hi Jim,

I'd like to know if I should still submit new feature patches to here or 

A few months ago, I found the heads up for the new address@hidden mail list, 
and it mentioned
only the bugs report/fix should be send to this list.  Otherwise, for the 
general discussion and new
features request should go to the new list, Am I right?

But looks there is little activity in address@hidden, I have sent a few patches 
related to cp(1)
sparse file enhancement through fiemap ioctl(2), but almostly no response from 
the list members in
about 2 weeks, except Joel I cc-ed.  Maybe nobody is interesed. :(

I know you guys are busy with work.  Actually, I just want to know if I was 
misunderstood the
policy?  If so, I will submit the patches here.

Sorry for the inconvience!

Best regards,

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