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bug#5914: feature request and non-bug patches submit policy

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: bug#5914: feature request and non-bug patches submit policy
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 16:48:49 -0600
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jeff.liu wrote:
> I'd like to know if I should still submit new feature patches to
> here or address@hidden

I think the original issue has been fully dealt with so I am going to
close the issue in the bts.  If you think otherwise please feel free
to follow up with more information.

This thread has gone through a little mutation during the discussion.
I think the subsequent discussion around fiemap may still have some
life in it but I think it has also mostly been resolved by discussion
on the coreutils mailing list.  In any case it probably shouldn't be
here going forward.  If that needs to continue then we should clone
the issue and retitle it to track that development.  When possible it
is best to keep issues one per ticket.  But since I think it has
concluded here too I am just going to close it with the original.


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