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[Bammds-users] ASD file error

From: Morten Allentoft
Subject: [Bammds-users] ASD file error
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2014 01:56:53 +0200

Hi guys

I'm getting an annoying error message that you perhaps can help me with?

When I go:
bammds MA840_L1_S2_trim15_PMDS_filter3.bam /k/genotypes/HGDP_hg19_one_allele.txt

I get this:
Error unlinking file tmp/EFD6SGwO2i using unlink0 at /usr/local/bin/bammds_parallel line 5150.
bammds: Error: ASD-file (tmp/MA840_L1_S2_trim15_PMDS_filter3,HGDP_hg19_one_allele.asd) too short. Not plotting

The bam file is somewhat atypical as it is trimmed to just 15 bp and has been run through Pontus programme, retaining sequences with C to T damage. Not sure if any of that can explain the error?

Here is the file:
eos/data/meallentoft/Skhul/mapped_15bp$ bammds MA840_L1_S2_trim15_PMDS_filter3.bam


Morten E. Allentoft
Postdoc, PhD

Centre for GeoGenetics
Natural History Museum
Øster Voldgade 5-7
DK-1350 Copenhagen

+45 35 32 12 91 (office)
+45 29 82 46 34 (mobile)

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