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[Axiom-developer] Re: [ANN] yet a better version of the axiom mode for e

From: Jay Belanger
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: [ANN] yet a better version of the axiom mode for emacs.
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 23:32:43 -0500
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Martin Rubey <address@hidden> writes:
> And the initialization code is a mess.  For example, why are there
> two functions hooked to comint-output-filter-functions, namely:
>   axiom-output-filter (str)
>   make-output (str)

They were probably added at different times; I don't think there's any
reason why they can't be combined into one function.

> Why is (sit-for 0 axiom-after-output-wait) necessary?

That's an artifact from maxima.el, where waiting for the output was
causing problems.  There were some cases when the output was being
yanked into a different buffer but the output was truncated, and this
was a tweak to wait a bit longer for output if necessary
(`axiom-after-output-wait' was customizable and could be increased). 

> Is (setq comint-prompt-regexp axiom-prompt) still useful?  I am now marking
> prompts as 'field,

In that case, `(setq comint-prompt-regexp axiom-prompt)' shouldn't be

>> > * For me, the following is *very* severe. Try:
>> >
>> >     for i in 1..10 repeat ([j for j in 1..2000]; output "hi")
>> >
>> >   in a usual shell buffer and in axiom mode.  Very unfortunately, the axiom
>> >   mode currently accumulates all output and then displays it at once.  
>> > Since I
>> >   use such constructs often to be able to check how far a computation got
>> >   already, it makes the mode unusable for me.
>> This has nothing to do with waiting for output, or even Emacs.  Axiom
>> will do that when called with the -noclef option; I have no idea why.
> Well, at least in wh-sandbox, this is *not* the case.

I'm surprised.
When I changed the value of `axiom-args' from "-noclef" to "", axiom
mode no longer accumulated all output and displayed it at once, and
when I started Axiom in an xterm with "axiom -noclef", it then did
accumulate all output and displayed it at once.  I don't have
wh-sandbox, though.

> And if I remove all these accept-process-output stuff, it works,
> too.

What works?  Axiom mode will display the output incrementally, rather
than all at once?

> However, I have then some problems deciding when to decide that a
> prompt arrived, since it seems that emacs continues execution of my
> elisp code, even if output is still arriving.

What code is being run while Axiom output it arriving?


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