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[Axiom-developer] The Gosper algorithm for sum of hypergeometric functio

From: Francois Maltey
Subject: [Axiom-developer] The Gosper algorithm for sum of hypergeometric functions.
Date: 27 Nov 2006 15:54:29 +0100
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Today I can't obtain sum as sum (1 / factorial n, n) with axiom silver.

Is there someone who has already make a such package ?
Is there someone who is working on ?

This algorithm uses hypergeometric functions and a recursive relation
over polynoms as a(n)p(n+1)-b(n-1)p(n)=c(n) where we are looking for
one polynom p(n) from a(n), b(n) et c(n).

I ask the same question : 
Are there such packages already done ?
Who is working for such packages ?

Have a good day.

Fran├žois, in France.

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