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Re: [SAGEdev] [Axiom-developer] Hopefully stupid question

From: Justin C. Walker
Subject: Re: [SAGEdev] [Axiom-developer] Hopefully stupid question
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 22:05:05 -0700

On Sep 5, 2006, at 21:47 , William Stein wrote:

On Tue, 05 Sep 2006 20:41:57 -0700, Justin C. Walker <address@hidden> wrote:
If you have a Mac, it "comes with".  It is not installed by default,
but you can install it from the CD/DVD that came with your system.

Yes, but that version will be out of date.

Thanks for bringing that up; I neglected to go into that detail :-}

Depending on what version of things you have (Mac OS X, Xcode), William is correct: you should upgrade to the latest compatible version of the developer tools (earlier versions are available for download on Apple's developer site). It's a fact of life that for SAGE to work well, being up to date with the latest available compiler revs is generally required.

Failing that, go to <>, and sign up as an
"on-line" developer (gratis).  Then you should be able to download
Xcode corresponding to the version of the system you have (assuming
it's a 10.4 system, get Xcode 2.4): it's in the Developer Tools area
of the Downloads page.

Yes, I've done this and it worked well for me.  Note that the download
is nearly 1GB.

I just checked and the current version is indeed "XCode 2.4", and the
website says "The Xcode 2.4 release provides overall stability improvement and adds support for 64-bit Intel based Mac computers. It is recommended
that all Xcode users install this update."

Note that I think you have to have OS X 10.4.x to install the new version
of XCode.

Yup; the developer site should provide guidance on compatibility issues; if there are questions, ask here.

You might consider "turning off" fink when doing the Axiom port to
avoid confusion, e.g., move /sw to /sw.orig, at least assuming that
Axiom doesn't depend on packages you only get via fink.

Absolutely. If you are developing something to put into SAGE, you *must* turn off both Fink ("/sw") and DarwinPorts (usually in "/opt/ local"). Since most users of SAGE will be missing at least one of these, the dependencies will cause SAGE to break on Mac OS X.


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