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Re: [SAGEdev] [Axiom-developer] Hopefully stupid question

From: William Stein
Subject: Re: [SAGEdev] [Axiom-developer] Hopefully stupid question
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2006 21:47:47 -0700
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On Tue, 05 Sep 2006 20:41:57 -0700, Justin C. Walker <address@hidden> wrote:
If you have a Mac, it "comes with".  It is not installed by default,
but you can install it from the CD/DVD that came with your system.

Yes, but that version will be out of date.  For example, the XCode
that came with my Macbook Pro DVD compiles PARI incorrectly (the unit
tests fail).  But the tests are fine with the latest version of XCode.

Failing that, go to <>, and sign up as an
"on-line" developer (gratis).  Then you should be able to download
Xcode corresponding to the version of the system you have (assuming
it's a 10.4 system, get Xcode 2.4): it's in the Developer Tools area
of the Downloads page.

Yes, I've done this and it worked well for me.  Note that the download
is nearly 1GB.

I just checked and the current version is indeed "XCode 2.4", and the
website says "The Xcode 2.4 release provides overall stability improvement
and adds support for 64-bit Intel based Mac computers. It is recommended
that all Xcode users install this update."

Note that I think you have to have OS X 10.4.x to install the new version
of XCode.

One issue with Fink (or DarwinPorts, for that matter) is that the
setup includes all dependencies, so the potential for duplication is
significant.  The problem both projects are solving by doing this is
to keep dependencies out of the mix, so it's hard to fault them; it's
just that the disk space used can get large.

You might consider "turning off" fink when doing the Axiom port to
avoid confusion, e.g., move /sw to /sw.orig, at least assuming that
Axiom doesn't depend on packages you only get via fink.

 -- William

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