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[Axiom-developer] RE: Editing Wiki pages

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: Editing Wiki pages
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 16:05:38 -0400


On July 31, 2006 3:46 PM you wrote:
> On 07/31/2006 08:54 PM, Bill Page wrote:
> >> I can't change the wiki page, because it keeps asking me for a 
> >> username/password.
> > In order to cut down on spam, only users with Zope managers user id 
> > can make changes without explanations.
> Bill, unless you are telling me that you removed me from the zope 
> manager list, I wonder why I was not able to change the wiki without 
> giving a reason. I provided my name and password and it kept 
> popping up the password dialog.

Hmmm... you are right. I do not know the reason it continues to
prompt. But I wanted to avoid this anyway. I have added some simple
javascript to the page so that now you get a pop-up message
immediately instead of depending on the 401 return code.

Is this better?

Bill Page.

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