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[Axiom-developer] Re: French translation

From: JC Helary
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: French translation
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 01:18:27 +0900

I just subscribed to axiom-dev.

Jean-Christophe, Frederic, David,

Jean-Christophe Helary has started looking at the problem of translating
Axiom to French.

Frederic Lehobey and David Mentre have also started looking at the problem.


Let me introduce myself. I am a freelance translator, mostly working from Japanese and English to French. I am not a scientist, I am not a developer. I spend some free time on localizing some applications that I find interesting, and in the case of Axiom, I was proposed to contribute after a mail I sent to the CL-Gardeners list.

Right now I am working on the UI strings, after converting them to the Java properties format for parsing into the translation memory tool that I use: OmegaT.

OmegaT does not support Latex, so I am trying to think of a way to create a "pseudo" parser for such files.

If there are ways to round-trip Latex to some xml format then I could easily adapt the source to create a proper filter, based on the xhtml filter that already exists (I did that for DocBook or WordML/ExcelML files already).

So basically, my first challenge is to find a way to have OmegaT parse the source files. Then comes the translation, and since 1) I am not an axiom user 2) I do have 2 kids to feed with "real" deadlines :) I will appreciate support here...

Considering the scope of the translation, I'd say that getting the UI into French should not take more that a few days of work-I mean with final editing/proofreading. As far as the doc is concerned, it will take time so we'd better find a technically satisfying way of doing that right now :)

In general I think we should consider changing the string control
characters to use common lisp syntax and semantics. This won't be
a simple job but is probably best for the long term. I can look at
that problem.

Still, since the control character, even if replaced by cleaner syntax are not supposed to include translatable contents, I don't think it is an emergency as far as the translation itself is concerned, unless I have misunderstood what you meant.

My original comment came from the fact that having a place holder at the beginning of a sentence is fine, but then it should not be followed by an uppercase word... Now it really depends on what the placeholder contains, hence my request for practical examples.

Latex is essentially a document markup language. Latex commands all
begin with "\" and then a word, possibly with parameters. So making
something bold would be:

  \bf thing

the other syntax is the use of the "$" to delimit mathematics so
math "inline" in the sentence has 1 "$" delimiter like $x=y$ and
math in its own box outside the line has 2 "$" delimiters like
$$x=y$$. Beyond that the rest is generally text.

Ok, I'll see with your source.

Also, you mentioned the hyperdoc system. DO you have a file sample ?

Many. I've attached an example.

It is Latex too ? TexInfo ?

====================================================================== ===

% Copyright The Numerical Algorithms Group Limited 1992-94. All rights reserved.
% !! DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE BY HAND !! Created by ht.awk.
% =====================================================================
\begin{page}{OneDimensionalArrayXmpPage}{9.57 OneDimensionalArray}
% =====================================================================


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