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Re: [Axiom-developer] Documentation bug?

From: root
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Documentation bug?
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 13:08:38 -0500

> Localization of software is not so easy. If I just take the above 
> mentioned file and translate it into German, I am sure that I will hate 
> the German error message when I see one. The reason is simple. In that 
> file there is not enough information to come up with a reasonable 
> translation (at least not for all messages).

each message has a key (the S2IV0005)
this key is used in the source code to issue the message
so you can search for the key and find out where it is used.
once you know that then you can figure out what the routine is
trying to do, and given the message text (which follows the
key) you can either write a longer, more informative message
or consider what might be a good translation.

> Now to what do you expect me to change that? I don't even know whether 
> it is used in several other places.

you complained about the message. clearly you expected something else.
rewrite the message to say what you expected. you can find all of the
places that use this message by using grep to find the key. if i recall
correctly there are very few places where a message is used more than

> Yes, but only experts can write such messages. Unfortunately, I am not 
> one of those.

there are no experts. RUDAP... read, understand, document, and patch.

in fact, being an "expert" is a bad thing when trying to write clear,
informative error messages.


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