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RE: [Axiom-developer] Help with JET

From: Bill Page
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] Help with JET
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 22:56:34 -0500


Thanks for the explanation and hints. So far I still can not
see the reason for this error message by as Gregory showed,
this is probably not the issue that causes the failure.

I did a trace at the point of failure and I see:

)trace evalSlotDomain
   Function traced: evalSlotDomain 
janet:de := generate [eq1,eq2]
1<enter evalSlotDomain : (|JetBundle| (|x| |y| |z|) (|u|))\#<vector
 2<enter evalSlotDomain : (|x| |y| |z|)\#<vector 08ecfb98>
  3<enter evalSlotDomain : |y|\#<vector 08ecfb98>
   Internal Error
   Unexpected error in call to system function evalSlotDomain

and the same error occurs here in a very different context:

1<enter evalSlotDomain : (|JetBundle| (|x| |y| |z|) (|u|))\#<vector
 2<enter evalSlotDomain : (|x| |y| |z|)\#<vector 08ecf850>
  3<enter evalSlotDomain : |y|\#<vector 08ecf850>
   Internal Error
   Unexpected error in call to system function evalSlotDomain


Apparently it has something to do with evaluating JetBundle -
something fairly deep down and fundamental to this package.

In the compiler output for JetBundle I see yet another weird
warning, this time perhaps more serious:

      [5] unknown Functor code (CATCH (QUOTE G1433) (REPEAT (STEP i 2 1
(QREFELT $ 9)) (call (ELT $ 19) (QREFELT $ 15) i (call (ELT $ 18) DVar i))))
      [6] unknown Functor code (CATCH (QUOTE G1432) (REPEAT (STEP i 2 1
(QREFELT $ 8)) (call (ELT $ 19) (QREFELT $ 14) i (call (ELT $ 18) IVar i))))

JetBundle is a domain

  JetBundle(IVar:L Sy, DVar:L Sy)

that in the example is called like this:


Now, the code in JetBundle that apparently generates the warning
is right at the top of the definition of this domain:

V    ==> Vector
Sy   ==> Symbol


    nn:NNI := #IVar
    mm:NNI := #DVar
    nameX:V Sy := new(nn, first IVar)
    nameU:V Sy := new(mm, first DVar)
    for i in 2..nn repeat
    for i in repeat


which is apparently copying the List into a Vector for each
parameter. I wonder why not just write?

  nameX:=Ivar::V Sy

What's the point of calling 'new' here?

Anyway it seems significant to me that the Internal Error above
occurs during the call to evalSlotDomain for 2nd element of the
first parameter list 'y.

Can you give me some idea for what "unknown Functor code" might
mean in this warning?

Bill Page.

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