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[Axiom-developer] Help with JET

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Help with JET
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 17:34:24 -0500

Dear SPAD Gurus;

I have been working with Werner Seiler's JET package at:

but on the first example I a stopped by the error message:

  Internal Error
  Unexpected error in call to system function evalSlotDomain


Apparently this is related to a warning in the compile of:

Does anyone know what this message means?

      [1] generate: not known that (Ring) is of mode (CATEGORY domain
(SIGNATURE order ((NonNegativeInteger) $)) (SIGNATURE coerce ((OutputForm)
$)) (SIGNATURE printSys ((OutputForm) (List D))) (SIGNATURE display ((Void)
$)) (SIGNATURE copy ($ $)) (SIGNATURE retract ((List D) $)) (SIGNATURE
jacobiMatrix ((List (SparseEchelonMatrix JB D)) $)) (SIGNATURE generate ($
(List D))) (SIGNATURE join ($ $ $)) (SIGNATURE insert ($ (List D) $))
(SIGNATURE dimension ((NonNegativeInteger) $ (NonNegativeInteger)))
(SIGNATURE setSimpMode ((NonNegativeInteger) (NonNegativeInteger)))
(SIGNATURE simplify ((Record (: SDe $) (: IC (List D))) $)) (SIGNATURE
extractSymbol ((SparseEchelonMatrix JB D) $ (Boolean))) (SIGNATURE
analyseSymbol ((Record (: Rank (NonNegativeInteger)) (: NumMultVar
(NonNegativeInteger)) (: Betas (List (NonNegativeInteger))))
(SparseEchelonMatrix JB D))) (SIGNATURE prolongSymbol ((SparseEchelonMatrix
JB D) (SparseEchelonMatrix JB D))) (SIGNATURE prolongMV ((Record (: Rank
(NonNegativeInteger)) (: NumMultVar (NonNegativeInteger)) (: Betas (List
(NonNegativeInteger)))) (Record (: Rank (NonNegativeInteger)) (: NumMultVar
(NonNegativeInteger)) (: Betas (List (NonNegativeInteger)))))) (SIGNATURE
project ($ $ (NonNegativeInteger))) (SIGNATURE prolong ((Record (: SDe $) (:
IC (List D))) $)) (SIGNATURE prolong ((Record (: SDe $) (: IC (List D))) $
(NonNegativeInteger))) (SIGNATURE tableau ((SparseEchelonMatrix JB D)
(SparseEchelonMatrix JB D) (Differential JB D))) (SIGNATURE tableau
((SparseEchelonMatrix JB D) (SparseEchelonMatrix JB D) (List (Differential
JB D)))))


Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Bill Page.

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