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Re: [Axiom-developer] RE: tex4ht and jsmath

From: root
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] RE: tex4ht and jsmath
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 18:46:59 -0500

wow. i must say that i'm really out of my element here but
a few things are apparent.

first, by "cooperation" i meant that i'd like to figure out
how to work with the authors of pages on PlanetMath, perhaps
by setting up links that would contain axiom demonstrations
of some of the math concepts.

second, by "cooperation" i meant that we in the axiom community
use the resources of PlanetMath authors to help us create
documentation for the existing axiom mathematics. 

in order to accomplish these two goals it seems we need to
do some explanation of literate programming to the PlanetMath

third, jsMath clearly seems the way to go. at some point we
can certainly generate jsMath just like we generate tex code
from axiom. perhaps this could be a "summer of code" project.

fourth, this whole font thing is something i'm going to have to
get a handle on. :-)

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