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From: Jobst Hoffmann
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 13:10:34 +0100

I want to go back to a discussion between David and Akim Demaille about
defining TEXINPUTS as a file variable. I've tried now David's proposal,
but it doesn't work for me

%%% Local Variables:
%%% LaTeX-command: "TEXINPUTS=\"../common:$TEXINPUTS\" latex"

Not tried this, but it might work.  Probably not in PDF mode, though.

%%% LaTeX-command: "x=pdf TEXINPUTS=\"../common:$TEXINPUTS\" ${pdfx}latex"

could work for both PDF as well as DVI mode.

My situation is the following: my document and its chapters (to be included by 
\includeare stored in a directory 
doc, the figures are stored in several directories below the directory figures, 
figures are often distinguished by the directory's name, not by their file name 
present the same thing under different circumstances). In a sketch the 
situation is 
as follows:

                     |                  |
                    doc              figures
                     |                  |
     +----------+----+----+        +----+----+
     |          |         |        |         |
  main.tex     a.tex     b.tex     a         b
                                   |         |
                               +---+---+   +-+-------+
                               |       |   |         |
                            fig.1  fig.2  fig.1     fig.2

A little script defines the files to be included and the searchpath.

Now my question: what should I do to get the same result from within auctex. I 
want to 
(La)TeX a buffer or a region and the TEXINPUTS variable should be set adequately

I've added a small example to clear the situation a little bit more.

Many thanks in advance and kind regards
Prof. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann            Tel:   (0049)-2461-99-3159
Fachhochschule Aachen Abt. J├╝lich   Fax:   (0049)-2461-99-3189
Fachbereich 3                       email: address@hidden

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