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[AUCTeX] preview context menu

From: Sebastian N. Fischmeister
Subject: [AUCTeX] preview context menu
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 16:35:45 -0500


Here is something, that saves a lot of my time. This can be generalized for sure, since it makes a lot of assumptions about the environment and the tex-ing style. Maybe it inspires someone here.



(defun preview-open-xfig (ov)
  "Open the figure in question with xfig."
    (set-buffer (overlay-buffer ov))
    (re-search-forward "includegraphics\\[.*\\]" nil t)
    (re-search-forward "{.*}" nil t)
(shell-command (concat "xfig -nosplash -startg 1 -specialtext - latexfonts -startlatexFont default " (substring (match-string 0) 1 -1) ".fig"))
    ;;(message (concat "open: " (substring (match-string 0) 1 -1)))

(defun preview-context-menu (ov ev)
  "Pop up a menu for OV at position EV."
     ["Toggle" (preview-toggle ,ov 'toggle ',ev)
      (preview-active-contents ,ov)]
     ["Regenerate" (preview-regenerate ,ov)]
     ["Remove" (preview-delete ,ov)]
     ["Copy text" (preview-copy-text ,ov)]
     ["Open xfig" (preview-open-xfig, ov)]
     ["Copy MIME" (preview-copy-mml ,ov)
      (preview-active-contents ,ov)])

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