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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Code & data updates

From: Kai Sterker
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Code & data updates
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 20:49:49 +0100

On Tuesday 05 February 2002 20:33, you wrote:
> > That's not possible, I fear. At least I don't know how to do it. There's
> > only a link for changing the project owner. Seen nothing for adding
> > additional admins. But tell me if there is a possibility to do that ...
> In the 'project admins' box on the project page, you have a 'change'
> link where you can add others people.

Ah! Now I've seen it. Thanks! (I only looked in that bar at the top). Stupid 
design ;).

Welcome as my right hand, Alex ;)


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