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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Battle System, take II

From: Alexandre Courbot
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Battle System, take II
Date: 05 Feb 2002 16:32:32 +0100

> About doing different fighting (or indeed magic) moves - we've talked
> about learning/recording combos and using them during fights but how
> exactly do we plan to do the controls for this. Personally I'd like it
> if you must achieve these combos in realtime using the controls as
> opposed to doing it non-realtime in some kind of menu. The controls
> would be a little like a beat-'em-up game...

Well, I find it boring when you have to always repeat the same key
sequences to do a move. If you record your 'combo' (I don't like the
word, makes me think about street fighters and such :p) you can then
select in from your fighting menu. But creating combos in real-time
should always be possible if the player wants to, or even performing
base moves if needed.

As for having beat-them-up controls, I'm not sure it's welcome in such a
game. Moreover, we don't want players to be mortal kombat specialists to
play (not that *nix users aren't trained - if they use Emacs they must
be very good at this - oohhh how about Emacs-like combos? ;))

> The reason I'd prefer this over a more menu/preset based system is
> because I think it takes the player closer to his or her character in
> the game. You get a stronger sense of control - after all the game is
> about role-playing, not remote-controlling! I think it would integrate
> more seamlessly with exploring the maps too. Players will be running and
> jumping around anyway - it seems natural to me that if they spot an
> enemy they can just contine running that way and literally jump into a
> fight.

On the other hand, when you perform the same move a lot of times, you
might like to have it available - and (back to realism) a fighter that
trained a move lots of time should be able to perform it easily and
quickly - and the storing system allows this too. Of course, the player
musn't be restricted to the moves he stored - he must be able to freely
control his character too, and even to experience new moves in battle if
needed (when desesperated, you could try a 'random' move hoping it will
trigged a big combo). The two ways of playing would be available anyway.

But well, speaking of the controls is a bit too early I think - we will
be able to discuss better about this once we have a small implementation
(and at first, controls will be done as you described James, as
recording needs extra programming over this). What's important to know
is whether we all agree on this combo-like system, or rather
'combinaison' system. As Kai said, it's the melee equivalent of the
currently discussed magic system. It seems quite coherent and would be
quite inedite, I think.



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