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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Battle System, take II

From: Alexandre Courbot
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Battle System, take II
Date: 05 Feb 2002 16:32:25 +0100

> For one, I wouldn't go too much into details ;). For example the direction of 
> the move shouldn't matter. People should not have to think what transition 
> can follow the last move, and what move would fit to that transition.

Of course ;) It was just to clarify the example.

> As for integration with the low level combat sytem: each time you make an 
> attack move, the system calculates whether it is a hit or not. If it is a 
> hit, the combo continues and the next hit would get some bonus. That bonus 
> could increase slightly with every hit, until the combo is through or the 
> opponent averts a hit. Might make sense to limit the number of moves in a 
> combo in that case. 

I thought each character could have a stamina bar. Whenever you do a
move it eats some stamina and when it is empty you can't move anymore
until your bar is sufficiently reloaded. This would be a good way to
limit the number of moves, IMO.

> A miss would put the attacker out of balance, so the combo wouldn't continue. 
> Instead it would be the opponents chance to strike back.


> To go even more into detail: each move would require a certain amount of 
> time. At the end of the timespan would be the point where the hit calculation 
> would occur. That means, if two opponents would start attacking each other at 
> the same time, the one with the fastest move would get the first chance to 
> hit. (Possibly, the dexterity attribute would have an influence on the 
> duration of a move. The better, the faster.)
> If it is a hit, the other guys attack is cancelled an he has to start from 
> the beginning, while our own combo continues. If it's a miss however, our 
> attack is cancelled whereas the other guy will continue as if nothing 
> happened.

Just fine! :)

> Well, I'm not sure defensive moves should be included. If they are 
> automatically triggered, the player could as well watch the fight, instead of 
> acting. Especially if they lead to an (automatic) counter attack.

Mmm yeah I admit the defensive moves idea isn't very clear. Forget about
it for now.

> So all in all, players should have two possibilities. Either set up some 
> combos, which would increase the time before they need to issue a new 
> command. (Although they might stop inmidst the combo to do something else.)
> Or they could just issue on single command after the other. Of course that 
> way they'd lose some benefit of a successful combo. But they wouldn't have to 
> go through all the preparing, but could dive into the action right away.

Yeah. That's what I had in mind too. For once, we're on the same wave
concerning fighting ;)

> Again there could be teachers that show you complete combos instead of single 
> moves, so the people that do not want to create their own would still be able 
> to profit from them.

Yep. In multiplayer as I said players could also sell/exchange their
combos (by selecting them and giving them to another player, for

> Okay, what do you people think. Especially you, Alex. It's your original idea 
> after all! 

I'm very pleased by your comments - I just hope everyone will take the
idea as well as you ;)



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