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Re: [Adonthell-artwork] Regarding Gfx

From: Benjamin Walther-Franks
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-artwork] Regarding Gfx
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 17:43:22 +0100

At Sunday 19.01.2003 12:10, you wrote:
> > I *am* willing to try and do sprites too, if someone could please
> > instruct me as to how it is done. I've never done any sprites
> > before.
> As Ben did all but one, he'd better answer that question. Would be
> nice though if you could give that a try too. As the v0.4 sprites will
> be a bit larger, it might be a bit easier too.

Don't know where's Ben - he hasn't given news since ages. Do you have
news James?

Over here! ;) I'm reading in on the discussions all the time, and you haven't lost me, it's just that right now... well, as ever... I've just got so much to do! (I know, nothing new there...)

I can't speak as well as Ben on this topic, but from what I've seen
doing animated sprites is very similar to making animes or cartoons.
There are several ways to do them: if you have a tablet, you can draw
them entirely on PC, but I guess it takes most of the fun away. Ben &
James have scanned the drawings they made on paper (already coloured),
enhanced the shapes and then placed the transparent color. And it looks
great already. Once this is done, you'll be using the game tools (...
which making is in progress! :)) to animate your work and save it in the
right format. As you can see, there's nothing really special but thee
must be a few tricks to get good results.

hmm, not quite right, I did draw the sprites mostly on the PC, but drawing them by hand beforehand is very helpful (if not necessary).

I'll do a quick write-up on basic sprite animation (or how I did it for 0.3), and send it to the list. Great if you could also help with that, Anat, your work is fantastic!


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