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[Tlf-devel] cwdaemon. More bits

From: David R. Wilson
Subject: [Tlf-devel] cwdaemon. More bits
Date: 24 Nov 2003 00:18:48 -0600

I have been trying to install the latest version (cwdaemon.7) A couple
of comments.

1.  Using make menuconfig for configuring the kernel does not list the
ppdev driver.  I had to edit the .config file by hand before compiling
the kernel.

2.  Using the Parallel interface (parport0, the default) the PTT line
seems is being held for the length of a cw transmission (ie when F1 is
hit the cq contest routine works fine)
however, when in SSB mode, the PTT line drops after just a few
miliseconds and before the audio stream is finished playing.

At first I emailed Joop directly, because the diagram for the parallel
port driver for the PTT line looked suspicious (it looked like T2 had
the emitter and collector transposed).  Apparently, it works OK.

This leaves me wondering, why the PTT line is not being held low when
SSB mode is being used.  Any good ideas anyone?



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