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Re[2]: [Tlf-devel] Investigating cwdaemon choppiness (please help)

From: Martin Kratoska
Subject: Re[2]: [Tlf-devel] Investigating cwdaemon choppiness (please help)
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 04:16:01 +0100

JS> Rein Couperus wrote:

>>On my system in the shack (800 Mhz athlon with kernel 2.4.19) the cw is
>>extremely choppy from 30 wpm upwards and weight is 0.
>>I use it with weight =3, which is o.k. up to 51 wpm. 
>>This is strange, as top says the processor is 95 % idle.
>>On my development system (1.4 GHz athlon with kernel 2.4.21) I can use
>>weight=0 or weight=1

JS> Wow, thanks Rein.

JS> It seems you found the reason for the conflicting weights Martin has
JS> been reporting compared to my setup. I am using a 1.4 GHz Athlon too,
JS> Martin is probably using a somewhat slower setup.

JS> I must rethink the cwdaemon data flow and get myself a slower processor
JS> to test it...

JS> (this mail CC'd to Martin)

>>73, Rein 
>>(packing bags)

JS> Good luck in Tunesia, see you on the air!

JS> Regards,
JS> Joop PG4I

oops, I am also using a 1.4 Ghz Athlon (Athlon XP 1600+) and 512M RAM.
The same problems with choppy CW I had on my previous PIII 450 MHz.
On old PIII made test with both speaker sidetone and keyed rig, last
tests on Athlon made with speaker sidetone only. I plan another lap of
tests with keyed rig soon as I find a minute (ASAP).

BTW TR Log runs here perfectly in DOSEMU, no problem, no jerky CW.

73 Martin OK1RR

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