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[Tlf-devel] ssb and cwdaemon

From: coupe045
Subject: [Tlf-devel] ssb and cwdaemon
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 09:54:14 +0100


at the moment tlf does not wait fer the ssb message to finish, but returns
to let the operator use the keyboard for other things.
You have to use vox for the moment. CWdaemon does not know about ssb.

I will look into this after I get back from TS7N (next week...:-)

I plan to look at ssbd as a daemon for voice messages.

This will take time.

73 from stormy Kerkennah Island...

Rein PA0R

P.S.: 35k qsos and 5 days to go....

P.P.S.: I may not be able to perform list moderation as internet is not always 
available here (I hope it IS during the contest).

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