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Re: [Swftools-common] pdf2swf and AIR

From: List_Subs
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] pdf2swf and AIR
Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 13:42:51 +0200

On Sat, 19 May 2012 00:23:58 +0200
Hans J Nuecke <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi Chris,
> thanks for your feedback; I am a very happy user of swftools and I
> did not intend to criticize at all!

There was a large helping of tfic in my posting. Hans. ;o)

> I have seen several emails in the past, all reporting difficulties
> with this "allowDomain" (or allowInsecureDomain) thing.

I had noticed, yes.
> For a special project, where an IR camera is used as "touchless
> device", connecting via TUIO drivers that convert gestures into mouse
> events. Using TCP as communication channel for the AS3 application.
> As you know access to local data and parallel network access is not 
> allowed with Flashplayer (a security thing, sandboxing).

Where, exactly, does it say that it's banned?  As I understand it, the
FileReference Class was introduced in FlashPlayer 10.  The AIR runtime
merely extends it slightly.

> That's why we had to use the AIR framework, which immediately worked 
> with the actual content (self generated swf animations, jpg images
> and video files).

I'd say that depends very much on exactly *HOW* you were doing it.
> Testing another "book" with swf files converted with pdf2swf resulted 
> not finishing loads of content and an error with FLASH Builder in
> Debug mode (cause "allowDomain" statement).

( see above comment )

> We made the same experience earlier when we did a quick feasibility 
> study with AIR on iPad. Besides the allowDomain issue we also had the 
> problem that Apple does not allow to reload anything with active 
> content. And because even a stop() is treated as such active content
> and we need at least that, we put that project on hold for the time
> being.

Unable to comment on any Apple iPad limitation.. not a single Apple
product in my possession.  That said, there must be a workaround,

> Based on those experiences and also reading statements of others on
> this email list,  and seeing comments in different forums, I made the 
> assumption (I'm not claiming this is 100% verified!) that  the option
> to get rid of that allowDomain statement could be a help or solution.
> And for a couple of reasons I hesitate to spend time trying to modify 
> sources and compile the system; I'm personally not experienced in
> that ;-)

If it serves a need, then I agree, there is no reason why a patch should
not be implemented.  Assuming of course, that it really is necessary?
IMHO swtches would be a way better of handling this 'issue'.  Having
to compile an entirely separate version seems a little OTT.

As to compilation itself, well it is usally pretty straightforward -
unless you are attempting to do odd things, or cross-compile for, or
compile under, Windows.

> What kind of examples would you like to see?
> I could provide a 4 page PDF, the 4 converted SWF pages, a FLASH 
> projector file proving those 4 pages work without problems,  and an
> AIR application that does show the effect of not finishing loading.
> I even could send you the complete FLASH Builder project with all 
> sources if you (or anybody else) want to debug at source level. Just
> let me know!

Feel free to link to whatever you feel is relevant.  Remember that Adobe
have ceased support for the runtime under Linux, and are 'prioritizing
a porting kit for AIR ( including source code ) which Open Screen
Project (OSP) partners can use...'


> I am pretty sure that building a test version with either allowDomain 
> deleted, or the option to switch it off or to capture the  error with
> a try-catch bracket, will be straight forward and "easy" for one of
> the developers. If it helps I am prepared to test such versions. Just
> an idea and proposal...

I'd be more interested in the why it causes the problem, as in what have
Adobe not done, or accidentaly done?! ;o)
> If it is just me and 1 or 2 others showing interest in such a
> solution, I understand that this has low priority.

If this is a day to day headache for some, with no other solution, then
I'm sure it will be adopted.

> And if anybody can show me/us how to build swf pages that can be 
> dynamically loaded with AIR - I would love to know that!
> JPG images, video and self built swf animations work like a charm
> with AIR...

Well, at present, as with the Apple stuff ( and apart from the Flash
Player plug-in itself obviously ), I personally don't have a single
thing Adobe on my little system.  Don't have a need or use for any of
their products.  I'm sure in your case, being in the thick of things
as it were, it's a different situation.

.. maybe I'll install the older runtime, and see what can be deduced
from it?

> Hopefully this explains my "request" a bit better?!?

I understood first time round.  Was merely pondering the why and
wherefore. ;o)



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