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Re[2]: [Swftools-common] pdf2swf - multiple pages, one frame?

From: Matt Southall
Subject: Re[2]: [Swftools-common] pdf2swf - multiple pages, one frame?
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 00:14:19 +0000

>> I'm interested in using pdf2swf to create a single frame flash file
>> with multiple pages in it arranged vertically or horizontally like
MK> If you need a different layout, you can also use the pdf2swf -p option to
MK> extract all pages into seperate files, and then arrange them into a 
MK> single frame with swfcombine.

This is the way I'm going now. I'm currently generating a little
script and using swfc to build the final swf. I guess I should take a
closer look at swfcombine first :) Thanks.


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