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Re: [Swftools-common] PNG2SWF Bug, minor

From: Chris Flowers
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] PNG2SWF Bug, minor
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 07:27:18 -0500

> > Hmmm. The more I look at it, it might just be the way the plug-in
renders the
> > image. (The rendering is the same whether I use Mozilla, Netscape or
> > Konqueror.) The apparent 'doubling' of the left and top column/row seems
> > shift to the right and bottom column/row at larger scaling.
> Yes, I see that, too. For some reason, the Flash Player doesn't map 1:1
> between output pixels and bitmap pixels for this (type of?) image.
> I've never seen this before either. Then again, the Flash Player has
> always been good for surprises.
> > Thanks for the assistance! I'm slowly getting the new splash intro done.
> > if I can only figure out how to make audio work, I'll be all set!
> Just holler if you need any help.
> Greetings
> Matthias

Hey Matthias, I replied to this yesterday and forgot to reply to all so it
didn't post.

Bitmaps have always had issues in the plug-in and the official Flash
standalone players.
For years Macromedia claimed there wasn't an problem then with MX2004 they
up and
claimed to have fixed it but did not. Their "fix" was to scale the stage to
which only served to piss developers off even more.

The old work around was to put the bitmap inside a movieclip and set it's
registration point
to the lower right. Then making sure your x y was of integer values.
This worked until MX2004 came out and now I do not know hat people are doing
about it.

Odd thing is, Director's Flash Xtra is probably the better at handling
bitmaps than any other
Flash player but is about 10%-15% slower.

You can also get bitmaps to shear in some instances when a vector shape is
overlayed over a bitmap.

Hope this helps,


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