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[rdiff-backup-users] Exception 'Path: C:/.ssh, just after start of rdiff

From: Frank Soyer
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] Exception 'Path: C:/.ssh, just after start of rdiff
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2015 19:24:44 +0100
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Hi list,

I've exactly the same problem as Heri Bender : 
This append between a backup server (which initiates the rdiff-backup command) 
to a windows 8 client. In fact, I found that this ".ssh" isn't at root level, 
but in the user home directory. This is the .ssh traditional directory used by 
openssh (installed on the windows side) for authenticating with keys (the 
authorized_keys file). So I can't remove it. I'm sure about that because I've 
create in this home dir a ".aaaa" directory, listed before .ssh, and know 
rdiff-backup complains on .aaaa.

So. here is the command :
rdiff-backup -v5 --force --create-full-path --no-acls --print-statistics 
--include "c:/datas" --exclude "c:/**" --remote-schema "ssh -p 22 %s 
rdiff-backup --server" address@hidden::c:/ /mnt/backup
I've tried absolutly all combinations of syntax for the --include and 
"windows_client::c:/" (including escape char, like c:\/, c:\\/, and so on) with 
no luke.
On the backup server (Debian 5.0.8) this is a 1.2.5 version of rdiff (can't 
upgrade this server for now), on the windows this is a 1.2.8.
Now, backuping a subdir (address@hidden::c:/datas) works fine. But I have more 
than one directory to backup, with this solution there are not in the same 
backup folder, with a unique rdiff-backup-data. You see ? Not what I want.

Thank you for all suggestions !

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