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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Why do I see a huge variation in the time rdiff

From: Segundo Bob
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Why do I see a huge variation in the time rdiff-backup takes?
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 15:37:12 -0700
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On 03/30/2015 07:39 PM, Robert Nichols wrote:
> Any change in the recorded metadata for a file will cause rdiff-backup
> to do a time-consuming diff of the old and new files. For files with
> just a single link, that data includes ModTime, Uid, Uname, Gid, Gname,
> and Permissions.

Thank you.  I think this explains why rdiff-backup mistakenly thought
that 98.7% of my files had been changed.

Between 2015-03-22 Sun and 2015-03-29 Sun, I switched from Xubuntu32
12.04 to Xubuntu64 14.04.  Below I list the file uid, uname, gid, and
gname for about 98.7% of the files backed up in each rdiff-backup run:

Xubuntu32 12.04
    uid 1000
    uname bob05
    gid 1000
    gname bob05

Xubuntu64 14:04
    uid 1000
    uname bob06
    gid 1000
    gname bob06

That is, the uname and gname changed for 98.7% of the files.  This
caused rdiff-backup to needlessly compare 98.7% of the files and to find
very few of them changed.

Perhaps uname and gname should not be included in the metadata?  They
are not part of the data stored in the file or the file's directory entry.

In the future, I will start a new archive file whenever I change from
one system-boot to another, if my uname or gname differs between the two

Thank you very much for your help.

Bob Hossley

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