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[rdiff-backup-users] Failling to get started

From: Luc Saffre
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] Failling to get started
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2013 09:45:13 +0200
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as a beginner, I'm probably missing something...

I'm trying to backup data under t:\data from my cygwin windows machine
(called "armand") to a Debian server (called "jana").

I created a file `rdiff-backup-to-jana.sh` with one line:

  rdiff-backup --include-globbing-filelist include.lst \
    /cygdrive address@hidden::/smb/backup/armand

Another file `include.lst` contains two lines:

  - **

I run it like this from a Windows command prompt:

T:\data\path>bash rdiff-backup-to-jana.sh
DeprecationWarning: os.popen2 is deprecated.  Use the subprocess module.
  stdin, stdout = os.popen2(remote_cmd)
address@hidden's password:

That is, it asks for a password, then works some time and everything
seems okay. On jana it has created a directory /smb/backup/armand
containing one subdirectory rdiff-backup-data. But I cannot believe that
this is a backup of my data because it is only 68KB

address@hidden:/smb/backup$ du -h armand
4.0K    armand/rdiff-backup-data/increments
64K     armand/rdiff-backup-data
68K     armand

I guess that it is just the extra reverse diffs. But where is the copy
of my data? What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any hints.


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