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Re: [Nmh-workers] Changes to forw(1)

From: Robert Elz
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Changes to forw(1)
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2016 05:00:40 +0700

    Date:        Thu, 13 Oct 2016 12:20:27 -0400
    From:        Paul Fox <address@hidden>
    Message-ID:  <address@hidden>

  | as i understand it, the only worry with not using an Nmh- prefix is
  | with leaking headers.  since none of these are supposed to ever get
  | out, conscientious scrubbing should get rid of them.  (lyndon claimed
  | they'd get out, but didn't offer an example of how, so i'm still
  | unclear on that.)

That's easy, you just partly compose a draft, including attachment
commands, save it, don't send it, and forward it to someone else for
approval of the content before sending it to the intended recipients
(who then forwards it to others...)

This is just one way, if the header exists at all, it will escape.  The
only question is whether this is a serious problem or not.


ps: please no "scrubbibg" of unknown headers - as things are, it is trivial
to support (in a sense) anything new or that some strange mail system
prefers, but if we start removing everything that we don't understand, that
won't be possible any more.

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