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Re: [Nmh-workers] Future directions for nmh

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Future directions for nmh
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2016 14:27:49 -0500

>All of the email about which I care has ASCII subject lines.
>Also, I often grep for a particular attachment name.

Right or wrong, I get subject lines that are encoded using RFC 2047
rules.  I know you think of those as 'foreign languages', but that is
wrong; they are just 'characters'.  Also, if you talk to anyone younger
than 25 you're going to be getting a fair number of emoji.  It's fair to
say that you don't care about that stuff, but I think as younger people
get older they are going to consider things like emoji as 'normal', and
it's something that we have to deal with.  Again, it's fine if you want
to just send and receive email between old farts, but I would kindly
suggest that's not appropriate for everyone.

>Glad to hear it.  Never got any feedback on 'em so it's cool to hear that
>people are using them.

We had a big discussion about them based on Jarrad's work with his
MIME hooks (we had never really laid down how locking was supposed to
work with them).

>I'm a bit confused here.  I use nmh because I can reach the command store
>via the command line.  What other way is their to use it?  And other
>programs can operate on the mail store, which is part of what makes it

I believe Paul is saying that he wants to have the command-line power of
nmh work on mail stores he shares with other MUAs.  To me, that is
an admirable goal.

It is KIND of true that a subset of MUAs can sort-of operate on a MH
mail store, but that's only true if basically you disregard any sort
of support for sequences and locking.  And I don't see that support
becoming more common, as MH/nmh isn't getting many new adherents because
of (among other things) lousy MIME support.  From where I'm sitting, the
two major mailstores in use today are Maildir and IMAP.  Paul would be
happy with either, since he has access to his IMAP mailserver which
uses Maildir as it's backend storage, but I think it would be great
if we could do both.

I understand this may have no particular interest to you; that is fine,
but in my mind there is a clear need.


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