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[Nmh-workers] Default setup broken on Debian?

From: Conrad Hughes
Subject: [Nmh-workers] Default setup broken on Debian?
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2015 17:51:22 +0000

Hi there,

Short version:

  - How do I get a canonical good inline-everything-into-the-pager
    version of mhn.defaults for Nmh 1.6?  Debian's version sends
    everything (although sometimes there's no-such-file, causing
    failures) to GUI helper applications, which feels like something of
    a regression vs 1.5 behaviour.

Long version:

I'm having some trouble with the default setup of nmh 1.6-2 on Debian,
upgrading from 1.5-release-0.2 (i.e. switching from wheezy to jessie).
Where previously show'ing an email with HTML and text would bring up
something in a pager in my terminal window, I'm now getting a range of
behaviours, from invoking my browser on often-non-existent temp files
through to throwing up a series of new terminal windows.

This looks as if it's a bit of a recap of past topics, such as

  "What are and what should be the qualifications for a current nmh user"

  "nmh not using w3n or elinks"

etc. but none of them seemed to produce a resolution — or at least, I'm
still seeing last May's problems today.

I've tried removing my old .mh_profile and running a new install-mh.
I've tried purging and reinstalling nmh.  These can change exactly which
undesirable behaviour I get, but none gets me back to the desired "you
just see the email in text in your pager".

Looking at several of the past threads on this, which seem to touch on
exactly the same issue, the one thing I can observe is that the Debian
/etc/nmh/mhn.defaults is very different to some that I see in the mail
archive.  For example, the second thread above has the following for

  charset=%{charset}; %p/usr/bin/lynx -child -dump -force-html
      ${charset:+--assume_charset "$charset"} %F

.. while I guess HTML is caught by the mhshow-show-text entry under

  run-mailcap --action=view 'text/%s:%F'

.. invoking "run-mailcap", it doesn't surprise me that Debian's sending
me off to my web browser, but this does seem contrary to the 1.6 release
highlight that "Mhshow will by default only display text parts that are
not marked as attachments, and using a single pager."

I guess I should really be making that last comment to the Debian
package maintainer, but can anyone suggest some useful advice for me to
offer them?

I've satisfied myself that this is at least part of my problem by
testing the following mhshow-show-text/html entry from another archive

  charset='%{charset}'; w3m ${charset:+-I "$charset"} -T text/html
      -dump %F

.. big improvement, but where do I go for a canonical version?  Has
anyone rigged this stuff up to use antiword, pdftotext, or even
image-to-ASCII conversions?


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