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Re: [Nmh-workers] Default setup broken on Debian?

From: Conrad Hughes
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Default setup broken on Debian?
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2015 10:25:25 +0000

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for taking an interest..

Alexander> the only difference between upstream's mhn.defaults and the
Alexander> one shipped with debian's nmh are the 4+6 lines for mime
Alexander> types application/postscript, /msword, /pdf, image/*
Alexander> (upstream and too specific) vs the generic application/*,
Alexander> audio/*, image/*, video/*, message/* and text/* (debian).

Yes, it's a small difference, but its effect is to completely defeat
Nmh's specific goal to "by default only display text parts that are not
marked as attachments, and using a single pager." If you're reluctant to
change Debian's default behaviour, perhaps it could be an install
configuration choice to replicate official Nmh default behaviour?  And
w3m/lynx could be at least a "recommends" if it isn't already?

Just to be clear, now that I understand what's going on, I'm fine.
However, I'm a long term MH user, and my initial experience with Nmh 1.6
on Debian was shockingly far from expectation — sufficiently so to cause
me to avoid migrating to wheezy for six months.  1.5 vs MIME wasn't
great, but if you used 'show' and ignored the HTML you could still blast
through hundreds of emails at a time; with 1.6 as configured that's just
not possible.

Just a suggestion from an otherwise happy user; feel free to ignore.

— and thanks, in the mean time, for continuing to package Nmh for


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