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Re: [Nmh-workers] mhshow: unable to convert character set of...

From: Andy Bradford
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] mhshow: unable to convert character set of...
Date: 5 Feb 2015 22:37:08 -0700

Thus said David Levine on Thu, 05 Feb 2015 23:45:38 -0500:

Hello David, thanks for responding.

> It looks  like part 1.2  is UTF-8 and you're  trying to display  it as
> something else, such as ASCII. If your terminal can handle it, can you
> try setting LANG to en_US.UTF-8?

Yes, part 1.2 is UTF-8.

Also, apparently  I was not clear  in my last email.  I can successfully
cause mhshow to dump the email to my pager using the following:

env LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 show

But, I've never had to do that  before (I was using nmh-1.4). I'm trying
to avoid the prospect of changing  my locale and just have mhshow output
data as it did  before. I suppose if it comes right down  to it, I could
put a wrapper around show/next, etc...

The previous version  of nmh on my system didn't  bother with conversion
(at  least not  to  my  knowledge) and  would  naively  just output  the
text/plain  portion and  let  my terminal  figure out  what  to do  with
it  (which occasionally  left  some characters  unreadable,  but it  was
sufficient for  my needs). It  seems now that nmh  is trying to  be more
selective about  what it shows rather  than just being liberal  about it
and showing me  what is in the  file. Either that or  previously nmh was
more successful at converting the UTF-8 to US-ASCII.

Maybe it has something to do with this particular section I found in the
man page:

       If mhshow was built with  iconv(3), then all text/plain parts
       of the message(s)  will be displayed using  the character set
       of the current  locale. ... To convert text  parts other than
       text/plain,  or  if  mhshow  was not  built  with  iconv,  an
       external program can be used, as described next.

            mhshow-charset-iso-8859-1: '%s'

       The first  example tells mhshow  to start xterm and  load the
       appropriate  character  set  for that  message  content.  The
       second example tells mhshow that your pager (or other program
       handling that  content type)  can handle that  character set,
       and that no special processing is needed beforehand.

I do indeed apparently have iconv support built-in

$ mhparam iconv

which  is perhaps  why  it ignored  the mhshow-charset-utf-8  directive?
Shouldn't mhshow honor  that setting regardless of whether  or not iconv
is supported?

It does look like my only option is  to set the locale for mhshow, or to
remove iconv support.


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