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Re: [Nmh-workers] mhshow: unable to convert character set of...

From: Andy Bradford
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] mhshow: unable to convert character set of...
Date: 14 Feb 2015 00:33:59 -0700

Thus said Ken Hornstein on Sat, 07 Feb 2015 22:14:34 -0500:

> I know that you compiled nmh without iconv support, but I must caution
> you ... one of my plans for  future nmh releases was to simply require
> the use  of iconv.  At this point  iconv is a  POSIX standard  and can
> reasonably be assumed to be present  on modern systems, and there is a
> reasonable open-source alternative;

I may be alone  in this, but I'm a more traditional  Unix user. If there
is something  that doesn't work  the way I want,  I use a  filter... For
this particular problem,  would iconv(1) work to convert  texts from one
encoding to  the other?  Maybe iconv  support could  be integrated  as a
command to run for support rather than a library linkage?

This does seem to work just fine for me:

$ echo 'Ora è il tempo' | iconv -f ISO-8859-1 -t UTF-8 | iconv -f UTF-8 -t 
Ora è il tempo


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