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Re: [Nmh-workers] mhshow: unable to convert character set of...

From: David Levine
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] mhshow: unable to convert character set of...
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2015 23:45:38 -0500

Andy wrote:

> I recently upgraded to nmh-1.6 and now whenever I try to view
> messages that have different character sets it refuses to display
> the content.  Previously it would just dump the text to the terminal
> and let my pager and terminal figure out what to do with the
> characters, but now it refuses:
> byte 1245mhshow: unable to convert character set of part 1.2 to
> UTF-8, continuing...
> part 1.2 text/plain 2638
> part 2   text/plain 3257

mhlist -verbose should show the character set(s) of those parts,
if not ASCII.

Looking at the code now, I think that error message is misleading.
It looks like part 1.2 is UTF-8 and you're trying to display it as
something else, such as ASCII.  If your terminal can handle it,
can you try setting LANG to en_US.UTF-8?  That's not what you're
asking for, but it's the only way I know of to avoid the charset

> I looked at the man page for mhshow and it seems that I should be
> able to use the following:
> mhshow-charset-utf-8: '%s'
> But that seems to have no effect.

It shouldn't with text/plain.

> How can I make it just dump the characters to the screen as it did
> before without changing LC_ALL settings just to get it to dump the
> characters?

I don't think that you can.  What platform are you on?  I'm
wondering why you can't handle UTF-8.


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