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Re: [Nmh-workers] About mhshow tuning and replies to MIME messages with

From: Mikhail
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] About mhshow tuning and replies to MIME messages with a attachments
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2014 00:41:24 +0400

Ken Hornstein writes:
>So it seems consistent to me that at least the default mode with
>mhshow should not show items with a disposition of "attachment".  If
>people want to add an option to mhshow to make it shows those things,
>then that's fine with me.  I'm just talking about defaults.

Great analysis, and I tend to agree with all your points which I
snipped: yes, if you receive a letter with an attachment you most likely
will want to mhlist/mhstore and then manually open stuff with openoffice
or whatever. It looks like very sane flow from user (my) perspective.

>>Does the last one implies, that some kind of meta-message will be
>>constructed, and if someone send email with few text/x-diff's, for
>>example, user will see the message and the diff's with one shot of
>Well, first off ... text/x-diff?  Who produces that Content-Type?  Fine,
>there's not really a standard for that.  RFC 2046 suggests it's safe to
>show unknown text subtypes directly to a user directly.  The real question
>is: what's the disposition of those MIME parts?  RFC 2183 is silent on
>what you're supposed to do if there is no disposition header, but I
>would argue you should default to "inline".

... if I receive "disposition: attachment" which can be safely viewed in
my terminal (like in the above example, text/x-diff, btw, Mutt produce
such content-type) wouldn't it be nice to save me mhlist/mhstore steps
and just display it inline (by default)?

Also thinking about it I just caught myself: now nmh allow you specify a
program for mhshow to call, to "show" you attachments, if my
understanding is correct, and nmh is moving towards mhlist/mhshow
approach this feature will be removed?

Or there is intention to save this feature and just add a switch
"display this type of attachment or hide them" to msshow-show-* profile
entries? And therefor task from above paragraph can be achieved with
just specifying 'cat' as a program to mhshow-show-text?

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