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[Nmh-workers] About mhshow tuning and replies to MIME messages with a at

From: Mikhail
Subject: [Nmh-workers] About mhshow tuning and replies to MIME messages with a attachments
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2014 00:10:12 +0400

I'd like to ask few questions:

1) when you use show on a range of emails, and if they're all
   non-mime ones, output is very pleasant and comfortable - every
   message is indented and given a nice header with its number (it's
   very useful for replies). It's very convenient to use with 'pick',
   for example to read whole thread in mailing list with "show `pick
   -subj <subj>`". But whenever even one message is MIME, even if it's
   only text/plain - all chain starts to be processed with mhshow. 
   I managed to escape from <press enter> for headers with mhshow:
   -nomoreproc, but I can't get the same eye-plesant result as with
   non-mime messages.  
   Does anyone ever scripted a solution for this with metamail or
   anything like this? Or what can you advice to read a chain of MIME
   messages in a manner 'show' does (with messages numbers/indents)?

2) When I reply with non-english text to an email, and attach a file
   to the reply, final message is a multipart MIME, and text part is
   octet-stream, I checked git (1.5 here) - seem it's fixed there,
   much thanks for that, nevertheless, is it possible to make those
   'text' parts of the reply as 'Content-Disposition: inline' somehow?

Thank you.

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